New features for clonal genes

We have enhanced our Clonal Genes products with additional plasmid preparation sizes and other options, including normalization, endotoxin-free DNA, and a variety of tube and plate options to meet your research needs.

Performance to scale

Our silicon-based, high-precision DNA synthesis platform results in higher quality genes and significantly higher throughput and scalability.

We offer clonal genes and gene fragments for your research needs:

  • Clonal genes are synthesized DNA, cloned into a plasmid vector and NGS sequence verified.
  • Gene fragments are linearly synthesized DNA sequences for direct cloning or assembly of larger genes.

Twist’s Genes offering gives you the flexibility to get the DNA you want, the way you want it. Think big, extend the scope of your design, and accelerate discovery.

Clonal genes

Twist Bioscience’s platform is capable of synthesizing thousands of genes each day to meet all of your DNA needs. Our silicon-based scalability and high-precision oligo production result in high-quality DNA synthesis and assembly; qualities that allow Twist to create perfect genes of various lengths and difficulties, verified by NGS and delivered on time when you need them.


  • Low Cost – High Quality
  • DNA your way
  • Scalable Synthesis

The perfect sequence of genes

A graphical representation of our standard NGS verification was performed on each clonal gene. The clonal gene in this figure is an example of an error-free clone. The read depth is indicated for the entire plasmid and no SNPs or indels were detected.

Gene fragments

Synthetic gene fragments are a cheap, fast and efficient way to create the genes you need for your research. Twist Bioscience’s gene fragments improve your cloning process by minimizing colony detection. This saves you time and money by dramatically reducing cloning and sequencing costs. Think big, design bigger, and accelerate your discoveries. Precise fragment synthesis speeds discovery. Twist Bioscience’s gene fragments allow you to build more constructs while minimizing the time and cost of finding perfect clones.